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THE INTERVENTION PROCESS Beck's approach useds both cognitive restructuring and overt behavioral interventions. His test of whether a cognition is accurate does not rely on rationality so much as on testing it against empirical evidence. He casts himself as a co-investigator seeking to empirically test his client's beliefs. His style is collaborative rather than confrontational. He gives his clients homework "experiments" that involves actually finding out whether what they imagine is true or not. For instance, a woman believed that one of her coworkers disliked her because he seldom spoke to her. The therapist suggested that she view this idea as a hypothesis and check it out by observing how often he interacted with other women in the office. She was surprised to find that he seldom spoke to any of the women, and finally let go of her mistaken idea. Therapy includes helping clients ferret out "automatic thinking." "First he has to become aware of what he is thinking. Second, he needs to recognize what thoughts are awry. Then he has to
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