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THE MARRIAGE GROUP - • Group needs and individual freedom...

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THE MARRIAGE GROUP . The problems of a partner in marriage, held Lewin, arise from the relation between an individual and his group. We can think of two kinds of groups here. One is the marriage group itself, consisting of the person and his or her partner and perhaps their children. The other is other group(s) to which each belongs, such as the family of orgin or other reference groups. What a group means to a person. 1. It is the ground on which he or she stands. If someone isn't clear about his or her belongingness, or not well established within his or her group, the life space will feel like an unstable ground. 2. The groupias a means to attain certain ends. 3. The person as part of a group. Change in the circumstances of an individual may be directly to to a change in the situation of the group of which that person is part. 4. The group or groups to which we belong are fundamental parts of our life-space. The adaptation of the person to the group
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Unformatted text preview: • Group needs and individual freedom . The person needs enough space of free movement within the group to pursue personal goals and satisfy personal wants. • Adapting individual and group needs. How the person's adjustment to the group is made dependes on the character of the group, the position of the person within the group, and the character of the individual person. Special properties of the marriage group . • Smallness of the grou p. This makes it highly interdependent. • The group touches central regions of the person. Marriage affefcts the person's entire physical and social existence. • Intimate relation between members. Combined, these three elements usually create a closely integrated social unit. On one hand this means increased identification with the group and a readiness to stand together; on the other hand, it may mean greater sensitivity to the shortcomings of the other or of oneself in the relationship....
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