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WATSON AT JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Accepted offer to take a position at much higher pay in 1908. a. Shortly after arriving there, took train to see his friend Yerkes in Boston. They hit it off as well as they had by letter. Yerke¥s admired Watson's work with rats but was far more cautious about using the same kinds of observational methods with humans. b. In early December, after just a few months after arriving, the chair of the department of philosophy, psychology, and education was caught in a position which could not be described as philosophical in a raid in an interracial brothel, and asked by the University to resign. Watson was on his own. c. BEGAN RESEARCHES IN HUMAN LEARNING. Neurologist Karl Lashley was persuaded to teach a number of people to shoot with bows and arrows. Would they learn their new skill in the same kind of way that rats learned to thead a maze? Watson knew he would cause a furor by investigating such question. d. LECTURES AT COLUMBIA, February 1913. Marked the public beginning of the new
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