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AMERICAN POLITICS - The candidate getting a majority of 538...

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Unformatted text preview: The candidate getting a majority of 538 or 270 is elected President. By a tradition, nowhere in the Constitution, all states but Maine and Nebraska follow the winner- take-all system in allocating electoral votes. As we know Bush barely edged Gore in Florida but he got all of Florida’s electoral votes; Gore barely edged Bush in Oregon and New Mexico, but Gore got all the electoral votes in these states. A candidate getting a plurality in California gets all 54 electoral votes in 2000. Note that a plurality is not a majority. A plurality means comes in first, while majority means more than 50%. Candidates often get all a state’s electoral votes for coming in first, yet they got less than 50%, because a third-party got votes. The candidates give first priority to populous states with more electoral votes, particularly when polls show there is a close race in such states. Recently Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and some other states have got a lot of attention due to the Electoral College and to the fact that...
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