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Campaigning on the Internet - and let the candidates know...

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Campaigning on the Internet Campaigning on the Internet is a lot like a direct mail campaign. It offers the candidate an opportunity to interact with the voters. In some ways it is better than direct mail because it is much faster, more versatile, and cheaper. It is characterized by: personalized messages interaction between the campaign and the voter use of email communications It has the potential to contain the following: 1. Provide detailed information about issues and personalities. Enable citizens to become informed better than any previous media. 2. Encourage interaction by asking the citizens to become campaign volunteers, give money
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Unformatted text preview: and let the candidates know what citizens think about the candidates and the issues. 3. Enable citizens to download buttons and posters and other forms of campaign material. 4. Create a new vehicle for citizen participation. 5. Open access to candidates by average citizens. 6. Provide a new way to measure public opinion. When candidate web sites first appeared a few years ago they were little more than on-line brochures. These electronic brochures contained pictures of the candidates, biographies, candidate speeches, news releases and position papers. Not much that you couldn't find elsewhere....
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