How can the Websites be improved

How can the Websites be improved - of communicating with...

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How can the Websites be improved. That is, what can we expect in the future. 1. an integration of the Net campaign with the rest of the campaign strategy. 2. provide search feature for issue positions were a long list of speeches and position papers can be found 3. ways for people to get involved in politics, such as signing petitions , joining groups, participating in bulletin boards and chat rooms. 4. links to other sites of importance--issue groups, public interest groups, even the opposition. 5. multi media presentations 6. frequent updating Interest Groups on the Net Just about every interest group out there is on the Net. Like candidate they would not think of participating in politics in 2002 without a Web presence. It is a cheap, fast and an important way
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Unformatted text preview: of communicating with their members, potential members, and a way to spread their message. Since this is a medium that does not require much money even small organizations can have good Websites. If you compare the Webpages of powerful interest groups like AARP and with those of organizations like PETA, you cannot tell that one is powerful and the other is not. So, in some ways the Internet is a great equalizer, unlike television where only the very rich can advertise. Like candidates interest groups are learning how to make good use of the Net. The most obvious use is to spread their message. It is a way to advertise and explain the issue positions of the group. It is also a way to communicate with members, attract new members, and raise money....
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