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Identifying a problem - Do you know or control what sites...

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Identifying a problem, like porn, is one thing but finding a solution is another. The problem is that the Internet is a complex and multi-national environment where traditional concepts of regulation are not easily applied or enforced. Trying to regulate any behavior on the Internet raises additional important issues: Who decides what you see and what you don't? Can a filter really make the Internet experience "safe" for kids? Does it give you a false sense of security?
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Unformatted text preview: Do you know or control what sites are "blocked"? Can any software adequately replace parental guidance or supervision? What can be done about porn on the Net? Proposals have centered on the following: • Filters • Parental Supervision • Hot Line Numbers to Call • Public education programs • Crackdown on child porn • Self regulation by online industry • Labeling system like that used in the movies • Harsher penalties for violators of existing laws...
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