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More politics of cyberspace

More politics of cyberspace - Internet none of this was...

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More politics of cyberspace In some ways the political institutions are ahead of most Internet users. Most governments and government agencies have had some presence on the Net for several year. Especially at the national level, the government has been a part of the Net since its inception. The National government is a promoter of the Internet. Particularly President Clinton and Vice President Gore have been talking about it as the future and pressuring national agencies and departments to go on line, have web pages and provide consumers with information. Since many government documents have only been accessible in libraries this has proven to be a great vehicle for mass consumption of government information. Look at the government resources on the Reference Shelf page. For example, the Official Federal Government Web Sites. It is impressive to see how much government information is available to us. And, it is easily accessible. Before the
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Unformatted text preview: Internet none of this was remotely possible. Another major presence of politics and the Internet is political candidates using the Web to campaign. It is evident that candidates running for office, at least in the high visibility offices--president, senator, governor, and mayor of a large city are using web pages to reach potential voters. Most of what they offer on these web pages is traditional campaign rhetoric with some interactive potential. A person can contact the campaign, volunteer, or give money. A third use of the Internet and politics is its use by interest groups. Almost every group has a web page. They use the Web to communicate with each other and their members, recruit new members and contact public officials. We will be looking at all of these uses of the Net in some detail....
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