Much has changed in the last ten years

Much has changed in the last ten years - In the 2000...

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Much has changed in the last ten years. Now that we have completed three presidential campaigns on the Internet, 1996 and 2000 we are able to judge how useful the Internet can be to candidates. An examination of these two elections reveals that candidates made varied use of the Internet. Campaign Websites typically were used to the following ends: encourage voters to become a volunteer try to get people to send the candidate money get voter feedback by providing a means to tell us what people think about the candidates and issues a way to acquire campaign material in the form of printed materials and by emailing the staff to ask specific questions These web sites seem to have the following purposes: 1. Show the candidate is keeping up with technology. He or she is computer savvy. 2. Have an Internet presence so as not to be left out. 3. A way to seek the support of the high-tech voters 4. Build a mailing list from emails they receive
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Unformatted text preview: In the 2000 campaign great strides were made in WebPage design and functions. No presidential candidate would think of conducting a campaign without a strong presence on the Web. Each tried to be more technological than the next. A team of Web design consultants were hired. Candidate sites were usually state-of-the-art, attractive and frequently updated. They contained a great deal of information about the candidates and the issues. In 2000 an effort was made to target voters with specific messages aimed at important issue positions, such as, abortion and gun control. Some campaign observers have labeled this the "stealth campaign" because it often went unnoticed by media observers. It also proved to be a year when record amounts of money would be raised on the Net. For example, John McCain was able to raise several million dollars on the Internet after a strong showing in the New Hampshire primary....
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