PCs provide a source for gathering information about individuals

PCs provide a source for gathering information about individuals

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PCs provide a source for gathering information about individuals. The main thing to remember is that every activity on a computer, such as, the documents you write, places you visit on the Net, accounts you keep are all recorded and stored. This information constitutes a potential database. This adds to the problem of privacy. I remember the first time I was introduced to the Internet and saw how easy it was to get information on private individuals my reaction was, “This is the end of privacy!” The Internet makes the issue of privacy more problematical. Visiting websites, buying merchandise, and sending email present an opportunity to invade our privacy. Technology exists to help government and private sector companies learn about us. For example, we all have cookies in our computers. These devices keep track of what sites on the Internet we frequent and how often we go there. Once we give our names to a company or any website we offer them the
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Unformatted text preview: opportunity to track our moves on their site. For example, an advertising agency, uses cookies to track how many times an individual Internet user has seen a particular banner add. The cookie assigns each user a random identity and tells Double-click something like User number 123456 has seen the banner for tennis shoes 4 times, it's time to show him a different ad. This example isnt sinister and is what businesses tell us they want the cookies for. However, it is not hard to imagine that other uses could be made of cookies by those who want to invade our privacy. Here are some of the sources that can be used to invade individual privacy on the Internet: 1.Employee monitoring software. 2.Cookies. 3.Your Web browser. 4.Web site surveys/forms. 5.E-mail monitoring in the workplace. 6.Subscribing to Internet mailing lists. 7.Your Internet Provider....
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