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Politics of Cyberspace

Politics of Cyberspace - Politics of Cyberspace 1 The...

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Politics of Cyberspace 1. The Internet is changing the face of American politics. Political actors use the Internet to influence politics off-line. Candidates, public officials, political parties, interest groups, and individual citizens use the Internet as a tool for promoting their political goals. They use the Internet to distribute information, communicate about politics, campaign, lobby, organize, and advocate policy positions. 2. There are a number of political issues raised by the use of the Internet. There are legal, ethical and cultural problems resulting from the growth of the Internet. Among the problems are these: libel, copyright, privacy, the right of every citizen to participate in cyberpolitics, free speech, pornography, and censorship. While there isn't time to study all of these we will look at major aspects of some of these issues in this class. David Resnick in "Politics of Cyberspace" identifies the impact of the Internet on politics as falling into three categories:
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