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The Internet also negatively affects the political system

The Internet also negatively affects the political system -...

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The Internet also negatively affects the political system. Negative impact includes the following: 1. It offers an opportunity to distribute false information 2. It helps to organize lunatic fringe groups 3. It can invade privacy 4. It may restrict political participation to a technological elite 5. It spreads hate and pornography Just like everything else, the Internet has negative effects as well as positive outcomes. The dark side of America is on the Net. There is an apparently endless stream of hate groups that are distributing lies, death threats and nonsense all over the place. There seems to be an equal amount of pornography available to everyone including children. The Net is a voice for all people who live in America. It cost very little to develop a web page so the result is the democratization of access to the Web. So far, there has been no censorship. The result is
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Unformatted text preview: freedom for all to participate and that means the negative groups as well as the positive. I guess that is the price we pay for democracy? Some would say that is democracy. Digital Divide Be sure and read the report on the web on this issue, Falling through the Net . The digital divide is the disparities in access to personal computers (PCs) and the Internet across certain demographic groups. The demographics of the divide include factors such as income, education, race, age and single or two parent households. Poeple at the high end of the socio-economic scale, college educated, high income, white, and two parent households are more likely to have Internet access. Age is also a factor. Older people are less likely to use the Internet than younger people. However just about everyone who has a job in America is required to have some knowledge of computers....
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