phil HW5 - PHIL 260.001 Dr Hornsby Animalism or the body...

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PHIL 260.001 Dr. Hornsby 9/23/09 Animalism, or the body theory, justifies that identical people share look-alike human bodies. This claim is not on the subject of physical attributes, but regards to the objectives and arrangement of the bodies. This theory is attractive to society today because one person will view the extent of another person’s abilities to identify their being. At the end of the day, animalism is a poor presumption because it directly conflicts with common possibilities that are already known to be true to mankind. One theories of personal identity is the substance theory. This postulation confirms that someone’s identity is directly related to substance, such as physical substance. An alternate form of the substance theory is the soul theory. This states that personal identity is fixed with the soul. People who accept the idea of reincarnation advocate the soul theory because of the idea that souls can transferred from one body to another. The memory theory describes that wherever memories are found, that is where the identity is defined. Substance is unrelated compared to the memory theory.
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phil HW5 - PHIL 260.001 Dr Hornsby Animalism or the body...

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