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ENG 210 Primary Text Analysis 2

ENG 210 Primary Text Analysis 2 - Whiting 1 Tori Whiting...

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Whiting 1 Tori Whiting Geoffrey A. Johns ENG 210-32 10 November 2011 Finding the Hidden Meaning An author chooses a specific color in his or her literature for a reason. Therefore it is important to think about why this particular color was chosen. Oftentimes, understanding this symbolism can lead to further understanding of the text as a whole. Charlotte Perkins Gilman plays with the idea of color in her piece “The Yellow Wallpaper.” In this piece, the main character dwells on the imagery of the yellow wallpaper whilst trying to figure out what lies behind the layers and ultimately what the paper means. The yellow wallpaper is first introduced by the narrator when she is describing the room. She ponders what the room was before she moved into it and thinks that it was perhaps a playroom for children due to the barred windows and rings that cover the walls. However, when describing the paper itself she has a sizeable distaste for its color; “it is stripped off – the paper –
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