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ENG 210-08 Assignment 5 - Whiting 1 Tori Whiting Geoffrey...

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Unformatted text preview: Whiting 1 Tori Whiting Geoffrey Johns ENG 210-08 29 September 2011 To be or not to be a True Individual Every day I make a million decisions. I decide what to wear, where to eat, whether or not to go to class, and countless other things. Sometimes, however, I wonder if I am basing my decisions on what I want or what others want. I wonder if I even have my own identity, or if I am just a product of our society. I wonder if I am just a product of the television shows, magazines, and books that I read and watch, or if maybe I am my own person due to my will to be an individual. I even ponder the possibility of being a true individual. Is it even possible, or does society always control who we are whether we notice it or not? While watching the short film Schwarzfahrer , these same thoughts crossed my mind. The film made me wonder if I really do utilize the agency that I supposedly possess over the interpellation of my identity. During the short film the idea of racism is very obvious. The old interpellation of my identity....
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