ENG 210-08 Assignment 6

ENG 210-08 Assignment 6 - 3 the THOUGHTS which ENTER my...

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Whiting 1 Tori Whiting Geoffrey A. Johns ENG 210-08 11 September 2011 Exploration of the Shadows 1. her EYES they SHINE as DOES the SUN o’er – HEAD. 2. his SMILE so SWEET does NOT es – CAPE my STAGE. the SPACE which I call MY own IT does PLAGUE.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. the THOUGHTS which ENTER my MIND you FAIL to READ be – CAUSE my MIND is FULL of THINGS un – SEEN. for WORDS left SI – lent MY heart IT does BLEED, but THOUGHTS mean NOTH – ing KEPT with – IN the SEAM....
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