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Whiting 1 Tori Whiting Geoffrey A. Johns ENG 210-08 20 October 2011 Paper 1 Reflection When I first started thinking about what I wanted to write my paper about I thought of an out of the box idea where I could analyze the motifs of a Petrarchan and an Anti-Petrarchan poem. When we read chapter four by Culler last week in class I got the idea that I could analyze Culler’s claims that language is a matter of differences. Both of the types of poetry were complete opposites, but I was interested in how they were similar as well. I wanted to know how I could use their similarities to understand both texts better. However, after I had my thesis and introduction paragraph I hit a wall. It was too late to change my entire idea, but I found that I had definitely bit off more than I could chew. I have written so many analytical papers in the last two years, but sometimes I reach a little too far above and beyond. I think my real problem is that I wasn’t specific enough with my thesis statement. I think if I would have clearly mapped out my ideas for the reader, I would have
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