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VolpeJ_Ex3 - Experiment 3 Whodunit A forensic investigation...

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Experiment 3 Whodunit? A forensic investigation Performed 1-19-11 Joseph Volpe Submitted 1-27-11 Jared Williams Gabby Moros Chemistry 1051L – 2 Sneah Dugar Purpose
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The purpose of this experiment was to perform various activites such as fingerprint and material analysis in order to determine the criminal in a hypothetical murder. Due to the lack of quantative evidence available very distinct qualitative measures had to be taken in order to name a suspect and solve the crime. This experiment introduced the technique for fingerprint analysis which required the piece of paper to undergo a reaction with iodine crystals that reacted to the fingerprint leaving a brown impression of the print. Chromatography was also put to use once again by testing the inks in various pens that the note could have been written with. Another form of evidence was gathered by burning a piece of fabric and depending on characteristics of the burn the type of material could be determined.
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