VolpeJ_Exp8 - Experiment 8 Hydrogen Phosphate Buffer...

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Experiment 8 Hydrogen Phosphate Buffer Systems Performed 02-23-11 Joseph Volpe Submitted 03-03-11 Partners Jared Williams Maria Moros Chemistry 1051L – 2 Sneah Dugar
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Purpose The purpose of this experiment was to perform multiple titrations with HCl and NaOH oh a phosphate buffer and on a diluted buffer in order to determine the capacity of the buffers. This was the second titration experiment and required the use of a pH meter and pipet which was nothing new. This experiment was designed in order to learn how to make buffers and perform calcutaions in order to determine concentrations also. Experimental Procedure Dillion, Stephanie “Hydrogen Phosphate buffer systems” Chemistry 1051L Online Manual 03-01-11 02-22-11 http://www.chem.fsu.edu/chemlab/chm1046lmanual/buffers/procedure.html The buffer used was created by mixing 20.68g KH 2 PO 4 and 60.62 g K 2 HPO 4 in 1 L of DI water to get an initial pH ranging from 7.07-7.20. Changes: In order to save salts buffers were made to be shared between groups, this could have led to different strengths of buffers. Buffer + HCl Volume HCl (mL) pH (initial 7.07) X value Acid + X (.348M + X) Base – X (.152M – X) 1 7.05 -.207 .141 M .359 M 2 6.98 -.191 .157 M .343 M 3 6.91 -.172
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VolpeJ_Exp8 - Experiment 8 Hydrogen Phosphate Buffer...

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