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VolpeJ_Exp11 - Performed Submitted Experiment 11...

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Experiment 11 Electrochemistry Performed 03/23/11 Joseph Volpe Submitted 03/31/11 Partner Jared Williams Chemistry 1051L – 2 Sneah Dugar Purpose
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The purpose of this experiment was to test the voltage created by a Galvanic cell when two metals were submerged in corresponding metal solutions and connected by a salt bridge made in lab. This was the first lab that a voltmeter was used and patience was required in order to submerge the metal piece in solution without getting the clamps wet. It was important to be careful when performing this lab because only one set of data was going to be acquired for each set of metals. This was also the first lab a salt bridge was constructed and it was determined after a failed agar solution was made that when making the solution directions must be followed exactly. Experimental Procedure Dillon,Stephanie “Electrochemistry” Chemistry 1051L Online Manual 03/29/11 03/22/11 http://www.chem.fsu.edu/chemlab/chm1051lmanual/electrochem/p rocedure.html
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