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Clint Deskins The United States government and the American political system would not be what they are today without two important figures in United States history. These two figures are: Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton. Although Jefferson’s and Hamilton’s political beliefs and views clashed on many occasions, both were able to influence American society and government. Both Jefferson and Hamilton were major participants in the creation and ratification of the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, as well as in the push for American independence from Great Britain. George Washington well aware of the different views of both Jefferson and Hamilton still chose each of them to become part of his cabinet, and were two of Washington’s closest advisors (Cunningham Jr. p. 34). The following essay will contain information on both Jefferson’s and Hamilton’s lives and political views. It will briefly dissect the past of each individual as well as their political views and beliefs. The essay will then proceed to dissect conflicts in Jefferson’s and Hamilton’s belief, and how their views have shaped the government and politics known in today’s American society. Thomas Jefferson was born into money in Virginia in 1743. Jefferson was a very intellectual man and attended college at William and Mary. After graduating from college Jefferson then becomes a successful lawyer, and is also able to maintain and run the family plantation. Due to his intellect Jefferson was also a successful inventor, he invented the first copier as well as other things. Jefferson was also a strong supporter of the French, this support of the French will be one of the major conflicts in foreign policy between Jefferson and Hamilton which will be discussed later in the essay. Jefferson’s support of the French would lead him to be the first United States ambassador to
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France. Another major topic of conflict between Jefferson and Hamilton was that of the idea of a national bank. Jefferson opposed the idea of a national bank and said it would be unconstitutional. Jefferson believed that banking should remain private. Jefferson had also believed in a very strict interpretation of the United States Constitution. Jefferson was also in favor of westward expansion to obtain new land to grow cotton.
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Jefferson&Hamilton - Clint Deskins The United...

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