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latin essay 1

latin essay 1 - Since human beings first started roaming...

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Since human beings first started roaming the world, communication has been vital. Whether it was communicating through grunts and clicks of the mouth or to the first type of spoken language, people have been communicating with each other. With times words have evolved through change in meaning, spelling, and pronunciation. Many of the English words we used today have come from many origins. We find that many words have evolved from Latin, Greek, and German. Words have also been adopted through Italian, Arabic, Japanese, amongst other languages. The goal for this paper is to explore deeper into the meanings, entomologies, and changes of words from origins other than Latin, Greek, German, or one their derivative languages. We will be exploring words with Italian, and Arabic roots. The first word we are going to discuss is derived from the Arabic word hashish, and it is the word assassin. According to the online Oxford English Dictionary the word literally means. “A hashish eater”, the historic meaning according to the OED is, “Certain Muslim fanatics at the time of the Crusades, who were sent forth by their sheikh, the ‘Old Man of the Mountains,’ to murder the Christian leaders”. The literal meaning comes from the fact that the assassins would eat hashish or hemp to intoxicate themselves before going to assassinate a king or other public figure. The modern definition given by the OED is, “One who undertakes to put another to death by treacherous violence. The term retains so much of its original application as to be used chiefly of the murderer of a public personage, who is generally hired or devoted to the deed, and aims purely at the death of his victims”. Since 1237, which is roughly the year when the word first came in to use, the word has had very little change in meaning. As previously stated it means the murderer of a person who is of some importance to a society. However, the word can come to mind as a
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person who brutally murders someone who is not expecting to be killed. In other words to some people the word assassin might be a person who kills. However, no matter how someone views the word it is almost safe to say the word still has the strength it did when it
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latin essay 1 - Since human beings first started roaming...

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