Anthropology 101.7

Anthropology 101.7 - Human variation Stress (in a...

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Human variation Stress – (in a physiogical context) any factor that acts to disrupt homeostasis -the bodies response to any factor that threatens its ability to maintain homeostasis All organisims must maintain homeostasis (i.e body temp) to survive Organisims must adapt to their enviroment Enviromental stressors - temperature solar radiation altitude humidity diseasee Levels of adaptation cultural physiological developmental genetic levels of adaptation cultural – use of material culture to adapt physiological individual level occure anytime inherited reversible E.g tanning levels of adaption developmental – individual level during critical period of growth and evelopment capacity is inherited and change is not inherited not reversible E.G altitude and adaption Genetic – population level via natural selection inherited not reversible E.G skin pigmentation Physiological adaption temporary adaption tanning sweating increased Red Blood Cells production at high altitude functional adaptation - biological change that occur during an individual lifetime
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Anthropology 101.7 - Human variation Stress (in a...

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