Anthropology 101.11

Anthropology 101.11 - Taxonomy Primates What is a primate...

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Taxonomy Primates What is a primate What are the kinds of primates What is special about primate societies and social behavior How do primates acquire food Characteristics of primates: Tree shrew-similar to primate like mammals - Reduced snout - Binocular vision - Finger and toe nails - Reduced birth numbers - Prehensile hands and feet - Omnivorous - Social - Diurnal - Adaptation to life in the trees o Depth perception o Color vision o Grasping hands and feet (precision and power) o Enhanced touch - Dietary plasticity (wide variety of foods) o Dental formula 2:1:2:3 o Wide variety of adaptation to specific foods o Fruit-frugivors o Leaves-folivores o Everything-omnivores o - Parental investment - Reduced sense of smell - Post orbital bar and post orbital plate Primates - Haplorhini (monkeys and such) - Strepsirhini - relatively long rostrum - Post orbital bar - Temporal fossa - No plate - Fused mandible Taxonomic classification - Order-primate - Suborder- anthropoid - Infraorder- catarrhine - Family – hominoid - Genus – homo - Species – sapiens Primates - Prosimians- most primitive primates o Lemurs, lorises and tarsiers o Old world, Africa, asia, Madagascar o Small body size
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o Olfacation important: moist fleshy nose (rhinarium) relatively long snout, most mark territory with scent o Relatively small brain o Most are nocturnal o Most lack color vision o Dental comb o Grooming claw o More laterally positioned eyes o Post orbital bar o Unfused mandible o Varied dental formula o Molars with high pointy cusps - Anthropoids Lemurs - Madagascar only, more than 30 species, great species variation, mostly arboreal but
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Anthropology 101.11 - Taxonomy Primates What is a primate...

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