Anthropology 101.12

Anthropology 101.12 - 10/14 *bonobos -copulation occurs...

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10/14 *bonobos -copulation occurs frequently and throughout the estrous cycle -sex used to relieve tension -oral sex-genital rubbing-face to face intercourse-male-male-female to female-group sex -homo(sapiens) -fully bipedal -long legs and short arms -very large brains -culture and language -# species in past? -Primate social patterns -numerous social patterns -monogamy,solitary,harem,multi-male,multi-female,polyandry -relationships -communication important -dominance hierarchy -conflict resolution necessary • whites of the eyes(direction of glance) • vocalizations-body language-complex facial expressions-smiling-fear-play • defense of resources-food allocation-predator avoidance • large body-lower BMR-lower calorie food • small body-high BMR-high calorie food • life history-length of gestation-inter-birth interval-infant dependency- weaning age(how long offspring is nursed by the mother)-sexual maturity- life expectancy
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Anthropology 101.12 - 10/14 *bonobos -copulation occurs...

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