Anthropology 101.15

Anthropology 101.15 - 10/28 -australopithecines-two forms...

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• 10/28 -australopithecines-two forms -gracile australopithecines(~4-2my) -au. anamensis(east africa) -au. afarensis(east africa) -au. africanus(south Africa) -au. garhi(east africa) -au. bahrelghazali(chad) -au.(kenyanthropus)(platyops) -au. sediba • robust australopithecines(~2.5-1my) -au. aethiopicus -au. boisei -au. robustus - AUSTRALOPITHECINES -gracile forms -~4-2 mya -large posterior teeth -sexually dimorphic(female stature 68% of male) -cranial capacity 400-500 cc -large molars -diet:fruits, veggies, meat? -AFRICANUS*(south Africa) -“Taung” -first australopithecine's -Raymond dart -1924 -skull plus endocast -2-3 mya -5-7yo subadult -hominid features observed in taung skull -large broad molars -small canines -small cranial capacity -position of the foramen magnum=bipedal -ANAMENSIS(east africa) -east lake Turkana, Kenya, Ethiopia -4mya -fairly large canines -primitive traits(ape like) -nearly parallel posterior tooth rows -sectional lower first premolar -derived traits: thick enamel, wide molars, tibia, bipedal features -GARHI(east Africa)
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Anthropology 101.15 - 10/28 -australopithecines-two forms...

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