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Anthropology 101.16

Anthropology 101.16 - 11/16-Neandertals or...

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11/16 -Neandertals +or- 130-30kya -neanderthalensis vs. sapiens -neandertals(not in africa!!!!) -found in Europe:germany, France, Western Asia, Israel, Iraq -late archaic homo- neandertals -1st found engis cave-belgium, 1829 -and forbes quarry-gibralter, 1848 -not recognized -1st described -”the old man of la chapell-aux sants” 1908 1620cc(average humans sized skull is around 1400cc) m. Boule described -stooped -bent over -skeleton found with arthritis and ricketts -body buried in ritual position and associated with faunal remains -most complete skeletons found at he time -morhpology(bergmans rule) -short wide trunk-powerful and robust- muscular-barrel shaped chest -retromolar gap -large anterior teeth -distinctive dental wear pattern -taurodontism -amud neandertal -heavy rugged face -mid facial projection -(maybe due to some sort of chewing) -krapina, Croatia-100kya-parts of 30+individuals-large amount of variation -Shanidar Cave-Iraq 50,000ya-1950 ʼ s and 60 ʼ s- nine individuals available -neandertal kids(15) have morphology seen in neandertal adults
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