Anthropology 103 11:4

Anthropology 103 11:4 - pollenization micro...

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11/8 -Linnaean taxonomic system -all species are classified in a ranked hierarchy -this classification is used to identify species in the record -determined by the NISP -number of individual species present -followed by MNI -minimum number of individuals - identified by size and then identified by family then genus and species - plants, Ethnobotanical,paleobotanical - paleobotanist - *archaeologist who specializes in recovering and identifying plant remains from ancient contexts, focus on human interaction with plant species - types of remains - macro botanical-remains: readily recognizable plant parts - I.E. corn cobs, pine nuts, charcoal, acorn mush, seeds - environmental indicators - birds. .seed transport, relocation, environmental conditions
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Unformatted text preview: - pollenization- micro botanical(spores, pollen, only seen under a microscope)- palynology-study of pollen remains, spores, grains- not readily recognizable plant groups. ..microscopic- i.e. flower pollen at Neanderthal site. .. burial with flowers?- examples:- coporlites- desiccated feces, often containing macrobotanical remains, pollen, and animal remains- phytoliths-(plant stones( tiny silica particles contained in plants,sometimes remain after plant decayed.- horticultural practices-swidden- agricultural practices-cultivation- what are we trying to understand?- diet- seasonality- resource use- socio-economics- cost benefit, prey choice, optimality- availability of resources...
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Anthropology 103 11:4 - pollenization micro...

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