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Anthropology 103 Study Guide - Name Keywords or Concepts...

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Name Keywords or Concepts and General Time Periods Alfred Kidder = Pecos Conference, 1920s -1930s, Pecos Canyon. Harvard. laid foundation for modern archaeologists field methods. Frank Cushing = Participant observation and Zuni Tribe(5 years) late 19th century. Tenatsali= “medicine flower.” reciprocal method also known as reflexive anthro. George Curvier = Catastrophist, multiple disasters brought on by God late 17th century early 18th century. founded vertebrate paleontology as a scientific discipline and created the comparative method of organismal biology. acknowledged the extinction of past life- forms. didn't believe in evolution. Jean Baptist Lemark = acquired characteristics, giraffes, essentialism, early 1800s. lamarckism. a change in the environment causes changes in the needs of organisms living in that environment, which in turn causes changes in their behavior. Altered behavior leads to greater or lesser use of a given structure or organ; use would cause the structure to increase in size over several generations, whereas disuse would cause it to shrink or even disappear. This rule -- that use or disuse causes structures to enlarge or shrink -- Lamarck called the "First Law.” James Hutton = father of modern geology. plutonism, uniformitarianism, Gradualism, earth process is slow and steady, late 1700s and early 1800s. Hutton proposed that the interior of the Earth was hot, and that this heat was the engine which drove the creation of new rock: land was eroded by air and water and deposited as layers in the sea; heat then consolidated the sediment into stone, and uplifted it into new lands. This theory was
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Anthropology 103 Study Guide - Name Keywords or Concepts...

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