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Hyacinthe Rigaud, Louis XIV, 1701 • The preeminent patron of the period was king Louis XIV • So convinced was he of his importance and centrality to the French kingdom that he eagerly adopted the nickname “le roi soleil” comme le soleil est au centre de l’univers il s’est cru d’y etre aussi • Conveys the image of an absolute monarch in control • Reveals his narcissism Claude Perrault, Louis Le Vau, and Charles Le Brun, east facade of the Louvre, 1667–70 ̧ • First project commissioned by Louis XIV and his advisor Colbert • Bernini was originally hired, but his plan was rejected • The stately proportions and monumentality were both an expression of the new official French taste, no longer gothic, and a symbol of centrally organized authority. Aerial view of palace and Gardens of Versailles Begun 1669 • An army of architects, landscapists, decorators, sculptors, etc. .. were under the management of Charles le Brun (former protege of Poussin who followed the doctrine
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