art history5 - Gustave Courbet The stone breakers 1849 Low...

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Gustave Courbet The stone breakers 1849 • Low french society • Realists argued that only things they could see in the present time were real. They often scrutinized the world around them, and depicted things that had previously been deemed unworthy. • The revolution of 1848 raised the issure of labor as a national concern. Generally the working class conditions were detrimental to health and often fatal Gustave Courbet Burial at Ornans 1849 • Depicts a funeral in a bleak provincial landscape attened by common people. Those who would be portrayed in novels by Balzac and Flaubert • Its banality has drawn criticism, but the intent was never to portray heroism, sublime, or drama Edouard Manet Olympia 1863 • Olympia was a common professional name used by prostitutes. • Not well received • Scandalous not only for the prostitute, but also the black maid as together it was perceived to evoke moral depravity, inferiority, and animalistic sexuality John Everett Millais Ophelia 1852 • Although a fictitious scene, Millais attempted to present it as visual fact • Her clothes spread wide/and mermaidlike awhile they bore her up/which time she chanted snatches of old tunes Charles Barry and A.W.N. Pugin Houses of parliament, London 1835 • German gothic influence • Machine work was replacing hand craft. • The building is not entirely gothic. Big ben, the clock tower, has a formal axial plan and a kind of Palladian regularity beneath its tudor detail Joseph Paxton Crystal Palace 1850 • Skeletal cast iron elements • Used for the great exhibition of 1851 • Constructed in 6 months • It was moved outside of London, and stood there until it burned down in 1936 (how did glass and iron catch on fire?) Absolutism: a historiographical term used to describe a form of monarchical power that is
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art history5 - Gustave Courbet The stone breakers 1849 Low...

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