art review - art review naturalistic- Imitating or...

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art review • naturalistic- Imitating or producing the effect or appearance of nature • abstract- Considered apart from concrete existence;difficult to understand;usually non- representational • non-objective- a term used to describe visual art which is not based on existing, observable forms, but rather on abstract or idealized forms, such as geometric, mathematical, imaginary, etc • tromp l’oeil- to trick the eye • representational- depicting objects, figures,or scenes as seen; representing images • non-representational- art which is not based on external appearances; does not represent any specific thing • picture plane- denotes the physical area covered by the painting, drawing, etc. • picture window- a large window having a single pane of glass, usually placed so that it overlooks a view • ELEMENTS OF DESIGN- line, shape, texture, value, space, color • LINE: -direction/directional forces: direction of lines which powerfully direct the eye to the focal point of the image -horizontal:a constructive line, either drawn or imagined, which passes through the point of sight, and is the chief line in the projection upon which all verticals are fixed, and upon which all vanishing points are found. -vertical: a line perpendicular to the horizon -diagonal: any sloping line -actual: a line one can see with the eye; one that is intentionally drawn. -implied: a line that isn’t actually there- made from tree-lines, horizons or any continuous line of objects. -psychic: a line implied from the point of a finger or from the line of sight(eyesight)
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art review - art review naturalistic- Imitating or...

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