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Library Science 201 – Lecture Notes 1 - the...

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Library Science 201 – Lecture Notes Reader’s advisory: o Assisting in finding books based on someone’s favorite genres/authors Information sources o Internet o T.V o Magazine o Books o Database o Personal experience o Word of mouth o Newspaper o Radio o Movies/documentaries Credible: o Cross-reference o Publisher o Sources o Relevance o Bias o Author reliability o Peer reviewed o Timeliness o Sponsored research Uses: o Academic research o Personal interest o Job skills o Troubleshooting
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o Personal betterment o Practice o Creative writing o Workplace o Persuasion Evaluate: o Task completion o Questions answered o Detail o Win argument o New knowledge o Job success o Personal experience Information literacy o The ability to (1) find and access information, (2) determine relevance, use
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Unformatted text preview: the information and (3) evaluate success • The Big Six o Step one: task definition (define the problem) What do I want to watch when I get home? o Step two: information seeking strategies (determine range of possible sources) T.V guide, Netflix o Step three: location and access (locate sources) Don’t have T.V., go to friend’s house o Step four: using information Watch T.V. o Step five: synthesis (putting it all together) o Step six: evaluate Did you have a good time watching T.V.?...
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Library Science 201 – Lecture Notes 1 - the...

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