Psychology 101 – Lecture notes 7.1

Psychology 101 – Lecture notes 7.1 - Child...

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Psychology 101 – Lecture notes Infancy and childhood o Physical development o Cognitive development Sensorimotor Stage: Birth – 2 years Object permanence o Piaget didn’t do good research Used his own kids A parent cannot look at his own kids objectively Babies put things in their mouths because 1) It’s a natural survival instinct 2) the mouth is very sensory part of the body Crawling (motor skills) When babies walk before they crawl, cause developmental issues – both right and left side of the brain are exercised Sensorimotor stage o Understanding through sensory experiences and physical actions o Infant progresses from reflective, instinctual actions at birth to the start of symbolic thought o Object permanence Preoperational stage o Symbolic thinking and egocentrism
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Unformatted text preview: Child, in a non self-serving way, thinks they are the center of the universe o Child begins to represent the world with sounds and images o Increased symbolic thinking and goes beyond the connection of sensory and physical actions o Symbolic thinking and egocentrism o Kids who learn sign language start speaking later o Infants can do symbolic thinking • Concrete operation stage – 7-11 years o Operational thinking, classification skills o Logical o Chilld has logical thinking about concrete texts o Child knows their dog is an animal • Final form of cognitive development: Formal Operational Stage – 11-adulthood o Can reason in abstract and logical ways o Capable of hypothetical and deductive reasons...
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Psychology 101 – Lecture notes 7.1 - Child...

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