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Psychology 101 – Lecture notes chapter 7.2

Psychology 101 – Lecture notes chapter 7.2...

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Psychology 101 – Lecture notes Social development o Eric Erickson’s social development Trust vs. Mistrust – birth to 1.5 years SO MUCH of what you do as a parent matters in these two years o How do we build trust? Spoil them Positive interaction Talking to them, look them in the eyes Happiness in parents decreases around day three, then around day 43 the baby makes 1 st social smile and happiness goes back up o Autonomy vs. shame and doubt – 1.5 -3 years How am I received?
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Unformatted text preview: o Initiative vs. guilt 3-5 years “Little scientists” love cause and effect Mix things like dog poop to make a mudpie just to see what happens Striking out – what they can do, how they can create things Are these kids getting support, or constantly being reprimanded? Makes a huge difference o Industry vs. inferiority – 6 yrs – puberty How well are my efforts to create going? A I an effective member of society?...
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