Psychology 101 – Lecture notes on Chapter 16 (11:16:11)

Psychology 101 – Lecture notes on Chapter 16 (11:16:11)

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Psychology 101 – Lecture notes on Chapter 16 Behavior Therapy o Emphasis of this approach Overt behaviors are the problem o Goals of this therapy Reduce or eliminate maladaptive behavior (anything from nail biting, to phobias, addictions, and self mutilation) o Conditioning Classical Operant o Classical Conditioning Techniques Systematic desensitization Develop hierarchy of fears Practice relaxation techniques Learn to relax instead of feeling anxious Aversive conditioning Noxious stimuli paired with conditioned stimulus o Operant Conditioning Techniques Behavior modification Token economy Appropriate behavior awarded with tokens Tokens exchanged for desired rewards Used in classrooms and mental hospitals Cognitive Therapies o Emphasis of this approach Thoughts are the primary source of abnormal behavior and psychological problems Focus on overt problems Structured and analytical approach
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o Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy A combination of both cognitive and behavioral therapy
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Unformatted text preview: Focuses on thought/behavior cycle and breaking that cycle Film Notes: Stress Management The average person cannot thrive when exposed to long periods of stress What is stress? o Any pressure/anxiety and individual may be feeling that affects their daily lives o Butterflies in your stomach o Head and backaches o Nausea Why is stress bad? o Causes health issues o Constant levels of stress an lead to heart problems o Can affect parts of your body that defend sickness Medical approach o Medication/drugs Restores balance of chemicals in the brain People can become tolerant to medications and need to up their dosage Psychological approach o Relieving stress by having someone sympathetic to talk to o Gets to the core of the stressors Strategies o Reduce stress by changing behavior Time management Set goals Exercise o Change the way you think about the world Perceiving a situation as stressful causes stress...
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Psychology 101 – Lecture notes on Chapter 16 (11:16:11)

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