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korean 113 about me paper

korean 113 about me paper - When I was fifteen my mother...

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Kang, Haira Esther Korean 113, M-R 12:30-3pm June 21, 2010 Who Am I? My grandmother (mother’s mother) escaped from North Korea and started her new life in South Korea where she met my grandfather. They had four children with my mother being the oldest. They all moved to America to start a new life. I first took breath on February 20, 1991, born in Los Angeles, California and was named Kang Haira which means “to be strong” in Korean. When my parents divorced, my mother, brother and I moved in with my grandparents in Canoga Park, California. This is where I grew up and lived; the same city, the same apartment for eighteen straight years until I moved to Goleta, California to attend school at the University of California Santa Barbara. Before I moved here, I attended school and worked part time to help diminish my family’s financial burdens.
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Unformatted text preview: When I was fifteen, my mother got into an accident where she cracked opened her head and had to get staples and stitches. She has not worked for four years since then. This experience was the biggest turning point in my family’s lives. After everything my mother has been through, she’s always tried to be a good mother even though she cannot always put food on the table. She is someone I look up to. Even though I do not have all her characteristics, I resemble her appearance: average height and weight, brown eyes, soft skin, silky hair and a mole on the bottom left side under our lips. She’s taught me so many lessons in life and I wish “to be strong” like my mother, facing every obstacle that comes in her path and never giving up in life....
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