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Kang, (Haira) Esther Black Studies 5, M 12-12:50 The Condemnation of Little B Elaine Brown, former Black Panther Party chairwoman and the author of The Condemnation of Little B , discusses the increase in imprisonment of Black children, especially Black males. She believes that a Black boy named Michael Lewis as known as Little B, is innocent in the criminal act of killing another human being. Brown argues that many Black kids such as Little B are wrongfully condemned in the criminal justice system and states the New Age Racism in America where young Black kids are “evil” and are targeted in the media for their criminal act. Using Little B’s story as evidence in her arguments, she explains how White kids have it easier than Black kids who face injustice in the system of justice. With results of Black youth committing crimes, there are pitfalls in the legal system and Blacks face harsh punishments. With this, Brown states that many Black youths are wrongfully condemned especially poor Blacks. Little B was labeled as a thug who killed Woods. Woods was considered to be a working black man, a husband, and father, which are opposite qualities of Little B. It was said that Little B killed Woods in order to prove his “toughness” and his “manhood”. Little B was fourteen- years-old in 1997 when he was sentenced to life in prison. He was tried and convicted as an adult for the murder of twenty-three-year old Darrell Woods, shooting the victim in the presence of his two young children in Atlanta, Georgia. Little B however, claimed that he was innocent and was scared and confused when the police arrested him. Unfairness is displayed because there was no physical evidence that connected Little B to the killing. People blamed Little B, such as his mother who lost custody of him. Woods’ wife accused him when she has never seen Little B
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before and was not able to identify the killer. Big E with his short testimony of witnessing Little B killing Woods, accused Little B and in his favor, saved him from a lifetime in prison. The reason why he was targeted was because of his past. Brown explained Lewis’s life of
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last BS 5 paper - Kang, (Haira) Esther Black Studies 5, M...

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