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ms airplanes

ms airplanes - Many of the ideas created during WW1 had to...

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Many of the ideas created during WW1 had to wait until the late 1920s and early 1930s before technology caught up enough to produce aircraft actually able to execute effectively these radical new ideas. The Spanish Civil War of the 1930s is generally considered the first effective use of aircraft in war. And, of course, WW2 became a showcase of how aircraft could effectively change the course of combat. In terms of how sufficiently advanced aircraft changed (conventional) warfare, here's a short list: Strategic bombers provided means to attack an enemy's production facilities. This is an important part of the Total War concept - as an enemy's entire national output is now directed towards fighting the war, it is important to have the means to attack this industrial output. Strategic bombers now extend the combat zone to the entire globe, not just to where armies are fighting. Tactical attack planes now are a serious threat to any ground force. Indeed, those ground
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