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Soc 1 final assignment - Assignment Two Research Paper...

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Assignment Two- Research Paper Immigration has been an issue in the United States. There have been countless rallies that support and are against immigration. At the University of California Santa Barbara, I held ten interviews at the San Rafael dormitory in the rooms of the residents regarding the issue of immigration. Five females and five males volunteered with this process and they gave their opinions of immigration and immigrants in the United States. My expectation was that students would be more active in participating in rallies especially because last year, my dorm mates were involved in political and social affairs, attending many rallies on and off campus and encouraging others to be more active. Instead, I learned that many of the students that were interviewed were not actively involved in protests, were not particularly opinionated regarding immigration, but were more interested in other issues brought up in the interview. To my surprise, San Rafael is a dormitory for transfers. Even though upper classmen can live there, its population consists of transfer students as a majority. Transfers, living at home and commuting to their community colleges, were not as aware of immigration rallies as four year university students. For instance, when asked if they attended immigrants’ rights events, nine out of ten students said no. Student six explained, “The only immigrants’ rights event I heard of was about the Arizona SB 170, but I don’t know what it is exactly.” Many students were apathetic when the question of political party was asked. One student claimed to be Republican, two students claimed to be Democratic, one student claimed to be other, and six students declined to state. Surprisingly, the six students who said declined to state was because they were not sure which party they were for. Students were not as interested in concerns about undocumented immigrants. None of the students attended a rally that opposed granting citizenship to undocumented immigrants and student number seven was the only individual who attended an
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immigrants’ rights event. The one student who attended a rally to support immigration was a second year at the University of California Santa Barbara. She said that she was influenced by her friends and the rally about the Arizona SB 170.
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Soc 1 final assignment - Assignment Two Research Paper...

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