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===================================================================== | TABLATURAS Y ACORDES DE M SICA EN ESPA OL | +------------------------ www.lacuerda.net -------------------------+ | ARTISTA: Enanitos Verdes | | CANCION: Tus viejas cartas | | AUTOR: Cantero | | ALBUM: Contra Reloj (1991) | +------------------------------------------------------TAB-enan0714-+ | TRANS: Mark Abarz a | | CORREO: [email protected] | ===================================================================== e-------------------|-----------------------|--------------- b---8-10-11-10-8-10-|---8-10-11-10-8-10-----|---5-7-8-7---5- g-9-----------------|-9-----------------9-7-|-7---------7--- d-------------------|-----------------------|--------------- a-------------------|-----------------------|--------------- E-------------------|-----------------------|--------------- e-------------------|-----------|---7-10---|---------------------------------| b-------------------|-11-10-8-7-|-8------8-|-15-17--19-20-19-17-15-17-15^-12-|
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