OUTLINE - SE(30(40(20 3-4->->->->(10...

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강의 개요 ± 교재 ¾ 강의자료, SE 관련 서적들(소프트웨어공학,윤청,최은만,권기태, 등) ± 평가 정책 ¾ 중간 시험(30%) ¾ 기말 시험(40%) } 중간 시험 범위 포함 ¾ 팀 프로젝트 (20%) } 3-4명 단위 } 분석 -> 설계 -> 코딩 -> 시험 -> 데모의 각 단계마다 팀 발표 및 기술자료를 제출 해야 함. ¾ 출석및기타(10%) ± 강의 게시판 http://snslab.kangwon.ac.kr 1.1
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oftware Engineering Software Engineering efinition ± Definition ¾ The Application of a systematic, disciplined, quantificable approach to the development, operation and maintenance of oftware (IEEE, 1991) `` software (IEEE, 1991) ¾ Parnas, multi-person construction of multiversion software } Programming vs Software Engineering ???? Science vs Engineering ??? ex) chemistry vs chemistry engineering ± Behind Stories for emerging SE ability of Organizations to predict the time effort and cost in ¾ Inability of Organizations to predict the time, effort and cost in
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OUTLINE - SE(30(40(20 3-4->->->->(10...

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