Wipro Placement Paper & Interview Questions - 10

Wipro Placement Paper & Interview Questions - 10 -...

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ITtestPapers.com Placement Papers, Interview Questions and Tutorials ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ©ittestpapers.com All rights reserved hi frens wipro visited JSSATE on 2nd aug, 2007. . The selection procedure had 3 rounds 1. Aptitude 2. Technical interview 3. HR interview A total of 133 students attended the written test. . Aptitude test: the test started at 9:45 a.m, the paper had 3 parts a) verbal (15 ques) b) analytical (15 ques) c) technical questions (20 ques) all three sections were in a single paper, u can start with any of the sections u like, no negative marking, sectional cut off was there. . Verbal section: this section had ques like antonyms, synonyms, correct spelling of the word, direct to indirect speech, indirect to direct speech. . this was the toughest section for me, bcoz some words were diffucult to pronounce. . i had marked around 5 correctly n rest of the ques to try my luck. . Analytical: this section had some ques on quantitative aptitude from r.s aggarwal and also . this part was a bit easy but was tricky coz most of the answers were difficult to answer by solving them. . i solved most of the questions by elimination method, and substituition method. . (elimination method is the elimination of wrong answer frm the given options one by one, and finding the correct answer) (substituition method is by substituiting the given options in the question and marking the answer which matches the question- this method is easy when the ques r lenghty) tip: read the ques n all options first b4 starting to solve- coz u may get the answer without
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Wipro Placement Paper & Interview Questions - 10 -...

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