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A high level language is an english like language

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Unformatted text preview: derstand is machine language (binary language). A high level language is an English like language where one instruction typically translates into a series of machinelanguage instructions. A low level language corresponds closely to machine code so that a single low-level language instruction translates to a single machine language instruction. Structure of C program /*Program to find /*Program area and perimeter of Circle */ area #include<stdio.h> #define PI 3.1415 float radius; float area(); float perimeter(); int main() { float a, p; float printf(“Enter radius : “); printf(“Enter scanf(“%f”,&radius); scanf(“%f”,&radius); a = area(); area(); p = perimeter(); perimeter(); printf(“Area of Circle : %f”,a); printf(“Area printf(“Perimeter : %f”,p); printf(“Perimeter } float area() { return (PI * radius * radius); return } float perimeter() { return (2 * PI * radius); return } Documentation Section Linkage Section Definition Section Global Declaration Section Main Function Section Local Declaration Part Local Executable Code Part Executable Sub Program Section Function1() Function1() Function2() Function2() …………… FunctionN() FunctionN() Program Development Steps 1)Statement of Pr...
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