Identifiers names of variables functions structures

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Unformatted text preview: a predefined meaning and these meanings cannot be changed. All keywords must be written in small letters (except additional c99 keywords). Identifiers : names of variables, functions, structures, unions, macros, labels, arrays etc., Rules for define identifiers : a) First character must be alphabetic character or under score b) Second character onwards alphabetic character of digit or under score. c) First 63 characters of an identifier are significant. d) Cannot duplicate a key word. e) May not have a space or any other special symbol except under score. f) C – language is Case-sensitive. C-Tokens Constants : fixed values that do not change during execution of a program. Boolean constants : 0 ( false) and 1 (true) Character constants : only one character enclosed between two single quotes ( except escape characters ). wide character type - wchar_t - for Unicode characters. Integer constants : +123, -3454 , 0235 (octal value), 0x43d98 ( hexa - decimal value) 54764U, 124356578L, 124567856UL Float constants : 0.2 , 876.34...
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