In this phase we may encounter two types of errors

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Unformatted text preview: nd every statement in C language ends with a semicolon (;). 4.b)Execution The next step is Program execution. In this phase, we may encounter two types of errors. Runtime Errors: these errors occur during the execution of the program and terminates the program abnormally. Logical Errors: these errors occur due to incorrect usage of the instructions in the program. These errors are neither detected during compilation or execution nor cause any stoppage to the program execution but produces incorrect ouz Executing a C program Text Editor #include<stdio.h> int main() { ……. prog1.c compiles C-compiler Yes Syntax Errors? 010110 100 ……………. 01011 101 No Object machine code Linker 00101010 …………. 01010101 prog1.obj adds Executable machine code machine code of library file C-Runtime prog1.exe Executes Feeds Input Runtime or Logic Errors ? Output Yes Translators are system software used to convert high-level language program into machine-language code. Compiler : Coverts the entire source program at a time into object code file, an...
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