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True statement 2 false test test conditionn

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Unformatted text preview: uot;,year); printf("%d ? else else printf("%d is not leap year.",year); printf("%d Statement-1 } else { else if((year % 4) == 0) if((year printf("%d is leap year.",year); printf("%d else else printf("%d is not leap year.",year); printf("%d } getch(); getch(); } nested if…else: Entry False Test condition1 condition1 ? False Statement-3 Statement-2 Next statement if…else…if : if…else…if Entry Test Test condition1 condition1 ? True Statement-1 False Test Test condition2 condition2 ? True Statement-2 False Test Test conditionN conditionN ? True Statement-N Next statement /* program to print the grade of student */ #include<stdio.h> int main() { int marks; int printf("Enter marks ? "); printf("Enter scanf("%d", &marks); scanf("%d", if(marks >= 75) if(marks printf("Distinction"); printf("Distinction"); else if(marks >= 60) else printf("First class"); printf("First else if(marks >= 50) else printf("Second class"); printf("Second else if(marks >= 35) else printf("Third class"); printf("Third else else printf("Failed"); printf("Failed"); } switch statement : switch Entry switch switch expression expression ? value1 value2 valueN ……... associ...
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