B what inputs are available outputs are required and

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Unformatted text preview: oblem a) Working with existing system and using proper questionnaire, the problem should be explained clearly. b) What inputs are available, outputs are required and what is needed for creating workable solution should be understood clearly. 2)Analysis a) The method of solutions to solve the problem can be identified. b) We also judge that which method gives best results among different methods of solution. 3)Designing a) Algorithms and flow charts will be prepared. b) Keep focus on data, architecture, user interfaces and program components. 4)Implementation The algorithms and flow charts developed in the previous steps are converted into actual programs in the high level languages like C. 4.a)Compilation Translate the program into machine code. This process is called as Compilation. Syntactic errors are found quickly at the time of compiling the program. These errors occur due to the usage of wrong syntaxes for the statements. Eg: x=a*y+b There is a syntax error in this statement, since, each a...
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