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Unformatted text preview: Computer -- Hardware Key board Mouse Input Storage Area Program Storage Area Output Storage Area Working Storage Area Input Devices Monitor Printer Output Devices Primary or Main Memory (RAM) Register 1 Register 2 …… …… Register N Arithmetic and Logic Unit Secondary Storage Devices Micro Processor Algorithm: Step by step procedure of solving a particular problem. Pseudo code: Artificial informal language used to develop algorithms. Flow chart: Graphical representation of an algorithm. Algorithm to find whether a number even or odd: Step1: Begin Step1: START Step2: Take a number Step2: Read num Step3: if the number is divisible by2 then Step3: if(num%2=0) then print that number is even print num is even otherwise print that number is odd otherwise print num is odd Step4: End Step4: STOP (Algorithm in natural language) (Algorithm by using pseudo code) #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> main() { int num; printf(“Enter any number”); scanf(“%d”,&num); if(num%2==0) printf(“%d is even”,num); else printf(%d is odd”,num); } (Program in C language) start Flow chart: Yes read num If num If %2=0 No No print num is odd print num is even stop Flow chart symbols Oval Terminal Parallegram Input/output Rectangle Process Document Hard copy Diamond Decision Circle Connector Double sided Rectangle Sub program Hexagon Iteration Trapezoid Manual Operation Cylinder Magnetic Disk Storage Machine Language – Assembly Langu...
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