Body language exercise

Body language exercise - stress level for each case •...

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Communication Exercise: Read Me ::   ::  Exercises Communication   Skills Body Language Goal Setting Personal   Impact Emotional Intelligence   Purpose This is an exercise in communication with the aim to increase awareness of body language and  non-verbal communications. Objective Delegates to recognise and develop sensitivity to different individual’s non-verbal communications,  body language and responses. What You Need A copy of the worksheet for each participants (below) Pens Setup Distribute the form to all delegates. Ask the delegates to consider each case when they wanted to communicate that feeling or  need to others. Ask them to evaluate their non-verbal body language for each case. They must include how they felt emotionally, what were their posture, eye movement and 
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Unformatted text preview: stress level for each case. • Give delegates 10 minutes to complete this exercise. • Ask the delegates to share their observations with each other and find similarities or differences. • Follow with a discussion. Timing Explaining the Test: 5 minutes. Activity: 15 minutes Group Feedback: 10 minutes. Discussion Discuss how differences in personalities, expectations, needs and even culture determines our non-verbal communications. Encourage delegates to discuss the dangers of interpreting non-verbal communications without considering individual differences. Worksheet I Want to Be: Observed Body Language Talked to Respected Admired Comforted Reassured...
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Body language exercise - stress level for each case •...

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